Printable Squirrel Map



Artist: Sean Huntington, Bradford, PA
Sponsor: Olean Historical & Preservation Society

In the Artists words: Sean felt the use of colors would be striking and has been intrigued with the Poplar tree for many years, having painted over 40 paintings of the variety.

Bio: Sean Huntington is a watercolor artist whose inspiration comes from the beautiful Allegheny Mountains that surround him.

Original Location: Bartlett House, 302 Laurens Street, Olean.  One of three squirrels that have since retired and relocated from Olean.

Essay: The Blue Poplar, By: Kyle Feneran -- The Blue Poplar, designed by the artist Sean Huntington is my favorite. It takes me back to when I was walking in the woods on a cold night. I felt the cold air blowing on me, and I heard deer rustling around me. I love walking in the woods and the Blue Poplar reminds me of walking in the woods.



Sponsor: Pulaski Club
Location: Pulaski Club, North Union Street, Olean

Details: Name is a combination of the namesake of the club, Brig. Gen. Casimir Pulaski, and a traditional Polish drink, called Krupnik. Gen. Pulaski is known as the father of the American Cavalry, after being appointed its head by George Washington during the American Revolutionary War in 1773. He came to the colonies after being outlawed by the Russian government for his ideal of a free Poland.  The drink is honey liquor, and a Polish and Lithuanian tradition. He is the 27th squirrel.



Artist: Tim Truman
Sponsor: Elexco Land Services
Location: Elexco Land Services, 414 West Henley Street, Olean

In the Artists words: The Sponsor, Elexco Land Services Inc., was founded in Alberta, Canada, where rodeo is king! The Canadian Finals are held in Alberta every year and this is the sponsor’s homage to his Canadian roots. J.R., the first Canadian/American cowsquirrel is born!

Details: Take a look at JR, the only squirrel with cowboy boots. Did you notice that he is the only squirrel wearing chaps!



Artist: Linda Harrington (Franklinville, NY)
Sponsor: Community Bank, N.A.
Original Location: Community Bank, 201 North Union Street, Olean. CURRENTLY, Sir is located inside the bank.

In the Artists words: When she first read about Woodland in the City, it took her all of 2 seconds to ask her boss to get involved. She has toured Washington, DC to see the Pandas, Buffalo for the herd and Canandaigua for the deer. Knowing how involved Community Bank is with the community, she figured she would take that on and the “Name that Squirrel” contest evolved. A theme and name for Sir Pennywise, the old-time banker, was chosen from over two dozen bank employee entries from their area branches and offices. Some of the entries voted to the top were Pearl the Squirrel, You ain’t Nuttin but a Squirrel, and Cash-ew.

A collection was requested from the area employees to donate the more than 1200 pennies that make up the base for Sir Pennywise. It may sound a little “nutty”, but this squirrel is actually a group effort and has been right from the start.

Bio: Linda Harrington is the Retail Loan Assistant at Community Bank NA (16 years). She involved herself in painting to find use for her "spare" time. Although she doesn’t consider herself to be an artist, she enjoys painting for family and friends, special occasions and just for fun.

Essay: Squirrels By: Max Morton There are many squirrels in Olean. They make me laugh because they look like humans. I think the make Olean special because they have different personalities. My favorite squirrel is Sir Pennywise. He’s my favorite because he is dressed so old fashioned. I like his moneybag and his top hat. The tail on Sir Pennywise is different that other squirrels because its plain and the other squirrels have artwork on theirs.



Artist: Paul A. Boccolucci, Springville, NY
Sponsor: Dwyer, Black & Lyle PPC
Location: Lincoln Park, East State Street, Olean

In the Artists words: Paul got the inspiration for his “Lady Justice” sculpture from a picture he remembered seeing in a schoolbook many years ago. She was depicted as a big-busted female, holding a scale, a double edge sword and wearing a blindfold. He chose to include the scale as it symbolizes the weighing out of justice. The double edge sword is for the carrying out of justice and blindfold to symbolize the sometimes-blind eye of justice. It seems as though justice is “peeking thru” and is often saddened by events and happenings (the single teardrop).

Bio: Paul A. Boccolucci has been an artist/blacksmith for nearly 40 years. Paul and his wife Debby built and run Real Stuff Gallery and Gifts located 4 miles south of Springville.

Essay: Squirrels By: Hannah Brown -- My favorite squirrel is Lady Justice because I like fairness and that is what she stands for. Its tail is gray with a little white and brown.



Artist: Kristina Giunta Faulkner (Jamestown, NY)
Sponsor: Park Centre Development
Location: Blue Bird Square, 175 North Union Street, Olean

In the Artists words: The inspiration for her Art Squirrel was Wassily Kandinsky who was Russian born (1866-1944) and was one of the most influential artists in the development of "Abstract Art." His influences were: Fauvism, which is a French art movement, characterized by a vivid use of contrast colors; and Surrealism, an art style of a dream like quality.

Bio: Squirrelinsky is Kristina’s third "street sculpture". The first was the "Bear Affair" program for Warren, PA. The second was the "Leap Frog" program in Erie, PA. Kristina has two studio locations, one in Warren, PA and one at her residence in Jamestown, NY, where she creates most of her paintings and installation works.



Artist: Heath Cousins, Eldred, PA
Sponsor: Worth W. Smith Co.
Location: Worth W. Smith, West State Street, Olean

In the Artists words: The inspiration was both parties, the sponsor, Nate Smith and the artist coming up with an idea to portray today’s events and give a “hats off” to the soldiers that protect our country everyday.

Bio: Heath Cousins owns and operates Cousins Designs and Graphix in Eldred, PA. He specializes in street graphics, custom signs, lettering and airbrushing. Most summer weekends, you can see his custom artwork on the stock cars at the local dirt tracks.

Essay: Squirrels By: Austin Ring -- There are many squirrels in Olean, all of them are cool. My favorite squirrel is the Olean Patriot. It is my favorite because it honors all veterans. I like how the squirrel is mostly camouflage. The tail is very patriotic. It has the U.S. flag on in. The tail is partially camouflaged. The most important part of the tail is the badges on it. The badges represent army, marine, corps, air force and the navy. Truly these squirrels are a great part of Olean.



Artist: Lori A. Tiller, Allegany, NY
Sponsor: Parent Education Program, Inc.
Location: Parent Education Program, North Union Street, Olean

In the Artists words: While working on the design and actually painting and adding sculpture to the squirrel, Lori was always thinking about women and children. She decided to paint the squirrel in soft warm tones and added the tree, which could signify a family tree. She decided to paint the baby gold to speak about how precious all children are in the world. The handprints on the squirrel were created by some of her very special friends and her daughter, Sydney.

Bio: Lori is a 1995 Graduate of Alfred University College of Ceramics and Design where she studied everything from photography to glass blowing and ceramics. Her concentration is in self-portraiture but also includes digital imagery, sculpture, fiber art, drawing, painting and much more.

Essay: Squirrels By: Amber Bacher -- My favorite squirrel in Olean is Pepe and Pepito. Its sponsor is the Parent Education Program. It teaches parents to be good parents. The tail is very pretty. It has seven colors: pink, blue, white, red, green, silver and maize. It has sunflowers on the tail. It has hand prints all over ad they are the handprints of children.



Artist: Melissa Meyers, Allegany, NY
Sponsor: Your Local McDonald’s
Location: Lincoln Park, East State Street, Olean

In the Artists words: With a background in graphic design, she faced challenges that she never had to before, but was determined to make Ronald Squirrel come to life. The idea was to have something that appealed to kids. Ronald appeals to kids, so, being the owner of the local McDonald's, Ronald was the obvious choice.

Bio: Melissa Meyers has an Associate in Art degree from JCC and Bachelor's in Graphic Design from Buffalo State College. She participated in the Allentown Art Festival.



Artist: Anne Winsor, Connecticut
Sponsor: The Family of Elias Eade Jr.
Location: 188 North Union Street, Olean

In the Artists words: The artist first heard of the “Squirrel Project” from her in laws Don and Carol Winsor, who live in Olean. They were visiting Anne in Connecticut, where she had just completed painting two full size horses for the “Giddy Up to Granby” horse project. They mentioned that Olean is planning a similar project with squirrels. After her artwork was approved, a squirrel arrived in Connecticut and the project was underway!

The sponsors for this squirrel are from Lebanon and they thought it would be meaningful to them if there were a way to incorporate their country into her style of Folk Art painting. She was able to create a Lebanon of long ago on one side of the squirrel and the hills of anywhere USA on the other – some scenes are from Connecticut and some from New York.

Bio: Art has always been a major part of Anne Winsor’s life. At an early age Anne discovered a passion for painting and the creative art of all mediums. After marrying in the early 80’s Anne and her family settled in Connecticut where she chose to use her artistic talents as a source for extra income and for her daughter to share her love of art. In 2005 Anne was one of New Hartford’s Dog Daze featured artists. At their auction Anne was commissioned to paint 2 more dogs in the customer’s desired styles.



Artist: Nora L. Wilson-Wheeler, Bolivar, NY
Sponsor: CUTCO Cutlery Corporation
Location: CUTCO/Ka-Bar Visitors Center, East State Street, Olean

In the Artists words: “Cutter” as he has become known to Nora and her family, was an inspiration of the sponsors’ corporate segway. With the understanding of the sponsor’s image to represent common household usage, simplicity was a basic. Their new knife the “Santuku” was her choice to represent Cutco. Not only did it look good with Cutter, but I also liked the way it felt in my hands-not to mention the performance it actually obtains in reality. Everything falls together with the placement of the acorn at his feet. After all, what else would a squirrel need a knife for?

Bio: Nora L. Wilson-Wheeler majored in Art at Cuba Central School and Graphic Arts at BOCES. She obtained an AOS Degree from Olean Business Institute. She has also published different stories, poems and compilations of local family heritage.

Essay: The Olean Squirrels By: Mia Rogers -- I like the Olean Squirrels and here are some reasons why. One reason is they make me feel happy to live in Olean and make Olean special because they are now where else. My favorite squirrel is the Cutco squirrel. That one is my favorite because works there and he is so cute with his knife, nut and apron. The tail is big, bushy and gray and it doesn’t really add the specialness to the squirrel, the knife and the apron do. As you can see the Olean squirrels are very unique, do you think so?



Artist: Allison Malikowski, Buffalo, NY
Sponsor: The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts at St. Bonaventure University
Location: Lincoln Park, S. Union Street

Details: Allison Malikowski was commissioned by The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts at St. Bonaventure University to transform a squirrel into an iconic symbol of the Pop Art movement. Wham, a permanent exhibit that will be unveiled in 2009 at the museum, will display famous works of Andy Warhol and other well known artists of the pop art culture in art. Warhol's famous print Flowers was an obvious choice for Ms. Malikowski. She states, the unevenness of the squirrel lends itself to the rambling edges of the hibiscus blossoms. POP ARThur represents the bold and daring works of Warhol's interpretation of reality during the 60's and 70's.



Artist: Ruta Marino
Sponsor: The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts at St. Bonaventure University
Current Status: Due to the nature of materials used on Artour, his 'coat' quickly deteriorated in Olean's weather. Artour has retired to a squirrel home.

In the Artists words: Ruta started with the rich, royal purple color that is used throughout the Quick Center, and made that the ground color for the Quick Center's squirrel. She wanted to make the comparison between the natural beauty of Olean's native black squirrel - not to mention its rarity - with Saint Bonaventure University's incredible art collection, which is just as much a valuable local resource for area residents. She printed color images from the collection, not only the paintings, but the beautiful Chinese ceramic vases.

When it came to the issue of naming him, Joe LoSchiavo (Arts Center Executive Director) and Ruta bounced around a lot of ideas, some of them sophisticated and some just plain silly. She wanted to have the word "art" in the name and suggested Arturo. Then it was Joe who suggested the unusual spelling of "Artour," since their squirrel is really a "tour o' the Quick" in himself. And, yes, they know its hokey, but we love him!

Bio: Ruta Marino was the curator of the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts at St. Bonaventure University for 3 1/2 years.

Essay: Artour O Quick By: Aj Pire -- I like the Artour O Quick squirrel’s tail because it reminds me of my mom. It reminds me of my mom because she likes flowers. It would be so lovely if I could pick a bouquet from the Artour O Quick’s tail and give them to my mom.



Artist: Marilyn Reynolds (Portville, NY)
Sponsor: Eade's Wallpaper Inc.
Location: Currently on vacation and not in Olean!

In the Artists words: The squirrel project should be for the delight of the children as well as adults. As a former art teacher, her focus was the children. The squirrel is surrounded by images of nature: flower forms, animals and insects are presented in child friendly colors and shapes, to be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Bio: Marilyn Reynolds is an accomplished artist and former teacher/director of the art department for the Olean City School District. Her home portraits, mostly commissioned, are in private collections all over the United States and Europe.



Artist: Eila Shea, with five student artists
Students: Sigi Du, Ye Chau Lin, Tuyen Le, Huang Chao, Sarah Achilles
Sponsor: Mr. Richard Heiser
Location: Olean Post Office, South Union Street, Olean
In the Artists words: Eila is an art teacher at Houghton Academy teaching 7-12th grade art. For their WINTERIM project, she decided to allow five senior high students to paint one of the squirrels, under her guidance. “The Starry Night” theme was chosen because it had become a favorite of students in her Art History classes. Four of the five students are international students at Houghton Academy. They have come to the school to learn English with the hope of being accepted into an American college after graduation.

Essay: Starry Night, By: Kodae Griffith -- I like the Starry Night squirrel’s tail because it has lots of colors on it. I like the colors because they are bright colors and they blend together. The blue makes the sky look nice, like a sunset. The squirrel has stripes and spots on its tail that remind me of water. Starry Night makes me feel calm and happy.  The tail has a moon on it and those beautiful swirly stars. Emma Strong



Artist: Mark Barta (Olean, NY)
Sponsor: JCC

Original Location: JCC, 260 North Union Street, Olean. One of three squirrels that have since retired and relocated from Olean.

In the Artists words: Mark chose the theme for my squirrel because the Wizard of Oz is a favorite classic at his house and also symbolizes the human values he would hope that all the fine students at JCC would strive for, courage, knowledge and compassion.

Bio: In addition to being a member of the Woodland in the City Committee, Mark is employed by Dal-Tile, Olean Division, as a mosaic tile artist.

Essay: There’s No Place Like Home By: Brooke Bushnell -- My favorite squirrel is There’s No Place Like Home. Its tail had the yellow brick road on it from the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. I like the tail because when they hook arms and walk on the road is my favorite scene and they makes the squirrel special to me.



Artist: Theresa E. Heinz
Sponsor: Southern Tier Anesthesiologists, PC; Douglas Borromeo, MD; Stephen Carlson, MD; Orlando Cruz, MD; Hector Martinez, MD; Wade Porterfield, MD; Barry Kulp, CRNA
Location: Olean General Hospital, 500 Main Street, Olean
In the Artists words: Florence Squirrelingale, RN was sponsored by the anesthesiologists at the Olean General Hospital. She especially enjoyed creating the three dimensional additions required, such as her stethoscope, “pill” buttons, and nurse’s cap. It is her hope that Florence will bring a smile to all those who may be entering or exiting the hospital.

Bio: Theresa Heinz lives in Cuba with her husband and two daughters. She has taught art at the Olean High School for 14 years. Most recently her artwork has moved away from traditional landscape painting to mixed media collage and clay sculpture. Theresa believes that we should create art continually not because we can, but because we must feel that creating is part of the fiber of our being.



Artists: Dan Brown, Art Teacher; Students: Caroline Carlson; Hannah Derwick; Amanda Fox; Samantha Heba; Tom Kirk; Konrad Morawski; Emilee Russell; Ashley Mulryan; Evan Ryan; Karen Ullman; Kelly VanBrunt; Kevin Volz 
Sponsor: The Neighbors of Seneca Heights
Location: Magnano Park, South Olean

Essay: Hermie the Squirrel By: Matthew Kuzdzal -- I like the squirrel, Hermie, because it is really patriotic. It reminds me of Patriot’s Day when we will march in the parade. This is so cool! I like a lot of stuff on Hermie the Squirrel including the flag, playground, school, and the lighted lamp.

Details: Hermie was sponsored by the residents of Seneca Heights neighborhood and created by the Olean Middle School students under the direction of their art teacher, Dan Brown. It evolved as an idea to commemorate the neighborhood’s unique characteristics and the former elementary school, Hillside Elementary that once stood where Hermie now resides. Each student envisioned and created a scene that they felt represented this unique neighborhood in Olean: the school; the signature street lamp; a bald eagle.



Artist: Nora O'Harra, Ischua, NY
Sponsor: Crandall's Memorials
Location: Crandall’s Memorials, West State Street, Olean

In the Artists words: When she heard about the Woodland in the City project, she felt that a squirrel would be an ideal vehicle for bringing something fun to the children of Olean. Crandall's Memorials agreed with her concept of a parks and recreation squirrel. She thoroughly enjoyed painting the squirrel and appreciates the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful endeavor.

Bio: Nora O'Harra enjoys painting and sketching wildlife and portraits for friends and family.

Essay: Squirrels By: Matt Buckley -- The Enchanted Mountain Squirrel is my favorite because it reminds me of the mountains around us. The scene on the squirrel’s tail looks like my backyard because of all the pretty trees. The water and wildlife are things that make me feel good. The squirrel reminds me of the trees, animals, the Allegheny River, and the nice people around us. When you look at the Enchanted Mountains Squirrel, who wouldn’t want to live there?



Artist: Judy Wetherby
Sponsor: Duggan & Duggan Construction
Location: Corey is off traveling with retired Mel Duggan!

Details: Corey is the only squirrel in the display named for a real person. Mel Duggan, the sponsor of the squirrel, wanted the critter to represent the employees of his company. He gave the artist a photo of his son Corey dressed in the uniform of the workers. As the artist began creating the squirrel, she referred to him as “Corey” and the name stuck! She recreated the black hoodie and Carhartt jacket, signature apparel of the workers. Duggan & Duggan Construction built the building behind where Corey resides. 

Essay: Corey By: Sebastian Wolford -- The squirrels name is Corey and his tail is my favorite because I like the color blue. It looks like the color blue and a little gray like the Rocky Mountains. I like it because Duggan and Duggan Contractors are always outside making something nice. He looks like a construction worker on a rainy day. They work in any type of weather. The squirrel has a good job.



Artist: Donna Everet
Southern Tier Anesthesiologists, PC; Douglas Borromeo, MD; Stephen Carlson, MD; Orlando Cruz, MD; Hector Martinez, MD; Wade Porterfield, MD; Barry Kulp, CRNA
Location: Olean General Hospital, 500 Main Street, Olean

In the Artists words: Donna Everett owns a studio in Franklinville, NY, DeLynn’s Art Studio. Her artwork is expansive, but in particular she favors realism. She enjoyed the collaboration with Theresa and Southern Tier Anesthesiologists to create Dr. Sleep E. Squirrel.



Artist: Chary L. Robbins, Buffalo, NY
Sponsor: BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York
Location: One Blue Bird Square, Olean (a little bit further north from Squirrelinsky, same block)

Details: The mission statement of BlueCross BlueShield of WNY, the sponsor of Life’s Image’s is, “Our Mission in life is to enhance yours.” With this in mind, Chary Robbins, a well-known artist from Buffalo was chosen to create a squirrel that mirrored life. With over a thousand shards of glass, the observer’s view of the squirrel is reflected in spectacular reality.

Essay: Squirrels By: Gabby Molone -- My favorite squirrel is Life’s Images. Its my favorite squirrel because when you look into the mirrors it will help you look to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. The tail looks like the rest of his body. The pieces of glass really shine and sparkle.



Artist: Jim Douglas
Sponsor: Armor Building Supply
Location: Armor Building Supply, Constitution Avenue, Olean
Essay: Squirrel Soldier By: Adam Panebianco -- My favorite squirrel is a Knight to Remember, who wears armor around his body. I like this squirrel because he is so brave. He is standing guard to protect me. The squirrel won’t get hurt in battle. He has a shield to protect his tail. The squirrel is a very brave soldier to protect me from harm.



Artist: Jim Douglas, Olean, NY
Sponsor: More than 30 individuals, groups and companies In Honor of All Our Veterans
Location: VA Clinic, 465 North Union Street, Olean, NY

Essay: Squirrels By: Bryan Smith -- Hey Mom Guess What is my favorite because its mostly gold and it shows a soldier who came home from the war injured. Its tail has a badge that stands for the prisoners of war and missing in action. The tail adds specialness? To the squirrel because it helps show it was made to remember the soldiers.

Details: This bronze soldier has a story. The vision of a local Army veteran wanting to pay tribute to his fellow soldiers, he inspired countless others to donate towards the sponsorship of this squirrel. As funds poured in from across the region, the artist, Jim Douglas of Olean was determined to create a soldier of any branch and war. He succeeded with this fitting tribute to all veterans. The Purple Heart was especially important to include on the uniform, along with a letter tucked in his pocket, addressed to Mom, as he proudly guards the VA Clinic on Union Street.



Artist: Erica Richards, Wellsville, NY
Sponsor: The Prizel Family
Location: Olean Medical Group, 535 Main Street, rear entrance, Olean, NY

Essay: Squirrels By: Julia Rakus -- Since we have so many real squirrels in Olean, people have been making statues to represent the squirrels. It is special because only Olean has the squirrel statues, they are all over town. My favorite squirrel is the Jolly Mon. It is my favorite since it is wearing very colorful clothes. He is holding a cheeseburger. It has sunglasses with a Hawaiian theme. Jolly Mon has flip-flops on. He has shorts on with three parrots (based on a song Jimmy Buffet wrote). He also has a long necklace with a seashell. Last but not least is the tail. The tail is all brown with a white stripe on the side. It looks like a real squirrel’s tail. Now you can see the squirrels in Olean are very special to our town.

Details: When the cold Western New York winters are upon us, Olean’s local pharmacist, Bobby Prizel’s mind often drifts to warmer climates and a little Jimmy Buffett music! This was the inspiration for the Jolly Mon along with the help of Erica Richards, accomplished artist of Wellsville, NY. The beach-loving squirrel comes to life, with his cheeseburger and blown out flip-flop, still searching for his long-lost shaker of salt!



Artist: Nora O’Harra, Ischua, NY
Sponsor: Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce
Location: Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce, 301 North Union Street, Olean, NY

Essay: Squirrels By: Sierra Churakos -- My favorite squirrel is Nutty O’ Saint Nick. The tail on Nutty O’ Saint Nick is very beautiful. It is grey on the front with a wreath on it. On the back it has a picture of The Santa Clause Lane Parade. It includes floats, decorations, people watching and fireworks.

Details: Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce joined with many businesses and organizations to jump on the squirrel bandwagon. GOACC sponsored a squirrel that was unveiled in August 2008.  The Chamber’s largest event is Santa Claus Lane, which attracts and draws the most traffic into our communities. The squirrel’s colors and decorating theme were reflected in the artwork. The artist painted the Lincoln Park scene and the North Union Street scene during the holidays on the squirrel’s tail.

The Santa Claus Lane event committee suggested several names for the squirrel: Jingles; St. Nickel Nut; Squirrelly Claws; Jolly; but decided on Nutty O’ St. Nick.



Artist: Nora L. Wilson-Wheeler
Sponsor: First Class Exteriors
Location: 747 North Union Street, Olean

In the Artists words: This is the second squirrel for Nora. In her words... ”Some people have grandchildren, I have squirrels!” She was delighted when she was selected for the second time to be involved with her project. In particular, she enjoyed creating the many elements of the construction worker squirrel. The t-shirt is the signature attire of the employees of First Class Exterior. It is rumored that Roofus has climbed the ranks to become foreman.

Essay: Squirrels By: Mark Miketish -- My favorite is Roofus is a real stud. I like this squirrel because my dad works for First Class. Roofus has a brown bushy tail. He has a tool belt and a hat. His outfit is cool because he looks like he is a construction worker.



Artist: Paul A. Boccolucci
Sponsor: Paul Brown Dodge & Jeep
Location: 1145 East State Street, Olean

Details: This is a second squirrel for artist, Paul Bocculucci of Great Valley, NY. The sponsor is a Jeep dealership and what better way for a squirrel to travel but in a Jeep! The artist used an actual Jeep grill, and then fabricated the entire vehicle from welded metal. The owner of the dealership, Terry Brairton, wanted the sculpture to reflect the Jeep’s “Made in America” heritage with a squirrel that has a “born to be wild” attitude. To date, this is the largest squirrel sculpture on display.


Artist: Nora L. Wilson-Wheeler, Bolivar, NY
Sponsor: Dresser-Rand Co.
Location: Dresser-Rand Co., Paul Clark Drive, Olean

Details: Dresser-Rand Co. became the 29th business/organization to sponsor a 4-foot high fiberglass squirrel statue, located outside its main entrance on Wayne Street. The aptly named Turbo the Squirrel wears a hardhat and protective ear gear, and serves as a symbol of Dresser-Rand’s increased emphasis on safety.

It was also the first time the company had ever participated in “putting art on display” for Woodland in the City or any other program. The artist placed the names of her relatives at the base of the squirrel who had worked at Dresser-Rand!


Artist: Melody Ballard
Sponsor: Friends of the Pines

Location: Pines Nursing Home, 2245 West State Street, Olean

Details: The Pines Nursing Home delivers state-of-the-art long-term care and short-term rehabilitation services. Care is provided in a warm, home-like setting enhanced by the natural beauty of the towering pine trees that are the trademark on campus. The facility boasts an atrium, which is home to many birds. The artist took notes from the Friends of the Pines and created a squirrel covered with the many birds that are found in and around the Pines!



Artist: R. Michele Breazeale, Salamanca, NY
Sponsor: Trans Am Ambulance Services
Location: Park across from Trans Am, 305 North 8th Street, Olean, NY

In the Artists words: InVINCEble is modeled after an ambulance technician, complete with a stethoscope, hat, badge and set of forceps tucked in a pocket. The statue’s tail has a mural depicting several major disasters crews from the local ambulance company responded to, including Hurrican Katrina, the September 11th attacks, and the Gowanda flooding.

Details: Olean Trans Am, the emergency medical response agency that acted quickly to save Vince Houghtaling’s life more than three years ago. The squirrel statue stands in a small park directly across the street from Olean Trans Am as well as Vince’s home.