2020 Award Winners Named

A business and an individual are receiving the highest recognition bestowed by Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce. 

The Chamber is pleased to announce the winners of its L.O.U.I.E. and Enterprising Business awards.

Christopher Napoleon with Napoleon Engineering is receiving this year’s 2020 L.O.U.I.E. Award. The L.O.U.I.E. is given to an individual who symbolizes the enterprising spirit for the greater Olean community, qualities which were embodied in the life of Louis Marra.   Last year’s recipient was Brian O’Connell, Jr. Esq.

Service Stores is this year’s winner of the Enterprising Business Award. The honor is presented to a business or a non-profit organization which exemplifies the unique “hometown” charm of the greater Olean area in manners of administration/operation, customer service, or display of inventory. The 2019 Enterprising Business Award was presented to both Henry H. Hill and Angee’s Restaurant.   Also recognized with the Presidential Award was the Olean Family YMCA.  

Full profiles of winners will be released in the coming weeks.

Although a formal ceremony will not be held in 2020, GOACC will recognize Service Store with the Enterprising Business award and the L.O.U.I.E. award to Christopher Napoleon for their involvement and commitment to the greater Olean community.  To not award this year is to deny this year’s president, Mari Howard, the truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to inform the recipients that this community thinks so highly of her/him that it is bestowing its highest award to that person.  That truly is a moment to remember.

Moreover, not recognizing someone, even in this pandemic era, might signal to the community that the committee could not determine a worthy recipient.  That is certainly not the case, as these year’s recipients, as the community will soon learn, has gone above and beyond to enrich the lives of so many who call the Olean area home.  For more information or questions, please contact the Chamber at 716-372-4433.


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