2017 Menus
Maple Ridge Bison Ranch, Inc. — Bison Slider Burger, Bison Kabobs, and a Hickory Smoked Bison roast Slider;
Ann Marie's Homemade — traditional Baklava, flavored Baklava, coffee, and cookies;
Certo Brothers Distributing and Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce  — Ellicottville Brewing Co. blueberry and Hamburg Sweet Tang on draught Yuengling, Miller Lite and Coors Light cans
Sinfully Delicious — fried dough, funnel cakes, churros, sundaes and more!
Robyn & Ravyn’s — menu TBA;
JCC Alumni Association — Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Iced Tea, Water.
Also their 'semi-famous' popcorn will be popped and served up for all to enjoy!
Brothers Bistro — Chicken Curry over rice, Coconut Grouper with caramel sauce, and Hummus and pita bread;
Hammer Back Bar & Grill — Texas Chicken Fried Steak, HammerBack Burrito, Rafis Texas Hot, and HammberBack Chips n' Salsa. Also enjoy a fruit smoothie!
Sanzo Beverage and Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce — two of Four Mile Brewing Co. Draught, Bud Light Lime, Michelob Ultra and Southern Tier Brewing Cans.
Tandoor  — Beef Vindaloo, Garlic or Plain Naan, Butter Chicken, and Samosas and Rice;
Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino — Chocolate and Peanut Butter Decadence
Parfaits and Cannoli Pizzelle;
Four Mile Brewing Co. — Jackfruit BBQ, Fish Tacos and a Little Bit of Cuba! (Their beers will also be at the Taste!);
Mirchi Bar-N-Grill — Butter Chicken over rice, Chicken Curry over rice, Gyro plate, and Crab Cake. Also, they will be serving up mango or strawberry lassi;

Please note that each vendor will take cash transactions for the Tastes.  No need for tickets.  Information below lists the cash cost first, then the number of tickets (for those that have tickets).

Ann Marie’s Homemade Baklava
Traditional Baklava $3/5 (6/10 tix)
Flavored Baklava $3/5 (6/10 tix) 
Anise Cookies   two for $1 (2 tix)
Beef ‘n’ Barrel Restaurant
Certo Brothers  
Flying Bison Rusty Chain $4 (8 tix)
EBC Just Peachy $4 (8 tix)
Yuengling cans $4 (8 tix)
Miller Lite / Coors Light cans $3 (6 tix)
Hammer Back Bar & Grill / The Point
Grilled Watermelon Salad $3.50 (7 tix)
Lotus Flower Tuna #5 $3.50 (7 tix)
Mini Brisket Taco (Willie) $3.50 (7 tix)
Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich (Wilbur) $3.50 (7 tix)
Honey Mint Tea $1 (2 tix)
JCC Alumni Association
Pepsi / Diet Pepsi $2 (4 tix)
Water $1 (2 tix)
Snow Cone $1 (2 tix)
Maple Ridge Bison Ranch
Bison Burger Slider $3.50 (7 tix)
Bison on Weck Slider $3.50 (7 tix)
Bison BBQ Roast Slider $3.50 (7 tix)
Chicketta Slider $4 (8 tix)
Rigatoni Bolognese $4 (8 tix)
Pasta Di Giorno $4 (8 tix)
Healthy Bowl $5 (10 tix)
Nani’s Famous Meatball     $3 / $5 (6/10 tix)
Bottled Water $2 (4 tix)
Merritt Estate Winery SLUSH mobile
Wine Slush $4/8 (8/16 tix)
Mirchi Bar-N-Grill 
Chilli Chicken Wings $3.50 (7 tix)
Gyro Plate $3.50 (7 tix)
Kheer (rice pudding) $2 (4 tix)
Papri Chaat $3.50 (7 tix)
Mango & Strawberry Lassie $2.50 (5 tix)
The Nutty Bavarian 
Sanzo Beverage
Bud Light Lime / Bud Light $3 (6 tix)
Southern Tier Brewing cans $4 (8 tix)
Four Mile Brewing Co. $4 (8 tix)
Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino:
Chocolate Decadence ($3 / 6 tix)
Braised Short Rib Mac-n-Cheese ($3 / 6 tix)
Sinfully Delicious
1/2 BBQ Pulled Pork Panini $3 (6 tix)
Chix Tenders / Pizza Logs $3 (6 tix)
Boneless Wings / Kettle Corn $3 (6 tix)
1/2 Onion Loaf / Mozz Stix $3 (6 tix)
Elephant Ear / Funnel Cake $3 (6 tix)

Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce • 716-372-4433 • info@oleanny.com